Cover to Cover #51: Tee Interviews Arisia

Michael is Flying solo.
Not to fear though, Tee Morris is on to share his interviews from Arisia 2003. Listen in as Tee talks.

Tee interviews Walter Hunt. Author of The Dark Wing and The Dark Path. Interesting interview, and great books.

Tee finishes with Walter, and dives straight into an interview with Will McDermott. Author of Judgment from The Magic the Gathering book series. This is another author from our favorite publisher "Wizard's of the Coast." Don't miss this one.

Since Michael is all alone. He continues with more interviews from Tee Morris. Tee moves on to Wen Spencer. A fun and lively guest to say the least. Wen is the author of Alien Taste, Tainted Trail, and Bitter Waters. Three great books from ROC. She has won a ton of awards and praise for her work. Be sure to listen for advice to new authors here.

That's the show this week. Tune in next week for our regular format.