Cover to Cover #63: Alan F. Troop / Dr. Abhinav Aggarwal

Alan F. Troop.
Alan joins us to speak about his latest book, Dragon Moon. A sequel to Dragon Delasangre, he continues the story and takes the readers on a journey to Jamaica. Remember that Alan's dragons take on human form at will and live amongst us.

It's an interesting story, as we get into how these dragons live in and around people... and also eat them.

Dr. Abhinav Aggarwal
In a break with The Dragon Page tradition of speaking with science fiction and fantasy authors, Dr. Aggarwal talks with us about his book September 11: A Wake Up Call.

Folks, this is not our normal interview. Dr. Aggarwal brings out the elements of quantum physics, existentialism, artificial intelligence and extreme metaphysics. You might want to listen twice!

Dragon Bites

  • Big Buffy migration. Where's my shotgun?
  • Scoobie Doo Two... at least it's fun to say!
  • Patrick Stewart: "Enough TNG for me"
  • X2: So many cuts, you'll have to get the DVD!
  • Old faces (sorta) return for the last Star Wars movie
  • 30 foot Keanu Reeves... Evo's gonna be sick!
  • Albinos cry foul at sci-fi mistreatment
  • Two Towers 4 disc DVD coming out soon!

Feed the Dragon
Ah, designer meat. Sick of Spam? You've got to check this out!