Cover to Cover #67: The Lunar Embassy

Dennis Hope of The Lunar Embassy
Stepping out of our normal routine of speaking with sci-fi/fantasy authors, we speak with Dennis Hope of The Lunar Embassy. The Lunar Embassy sells property on the moon and other celestial bodies.

No folks. We're not kidding. It's way, way too difficult and complicated to explain in text. You'll just have to listen to the show. However, after speaking with Dennis, we're convinced that he is in fact quite serious in what he is doing. There is no more legal or legit corporation, government or other entity offering off-world properties out there.

Dennis is an entertaining guest that goes through the history of The Lunar Embassy. He also clears the air about a story we aired a few weeks ago dealing with a third party committing fraud in this venture. It's worth a listen!

Steve Durst of Space Age Publishing
Steve heads up Space Age Publishing, hosts of the International Lunar Conference happening in November. Scientists, governments and commercial interests will all be involved in this conference. It's an amazing story that is skipped over by mainstream media. True, it's been 30 years since we've been to the moon... and NASA doesn't have much to say about the rock these days. But after listening to Steve, you'll see that plenty of people are still interested in Luna!

Dragon Bites

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Feed the Dragon
Evo rips into commercialization of the human condition. Specifically, he's taking on legos. Tune in to find out more.