Cover to Cover #77: CopperCon 23

Copper Con 23
If you happen to find your self in Phoenix Arizona this weekend (Sept 5-7, 2003) stop by the Embassy Suites Phoenix North on Greenway and I-17. Michael and Evo will be attending panel discussions as well as meeting all of our local show listeners.

Our show this week features some of the faces you'll see at Copper Con 23.

Lani Tupu
Lani played Captain Crais and the voice of Pilot on Farscape, the best science fiction series ever canceled by a major network.

David Franklin
Continuing on our Farscape theme, we're joined by David Franklin who played the notorious Captain Braca in the series.

David Mattingly
Illustrator of over 500 science fiction and fantasy covers, David's work is well known to all who are fans of this genera.

Tee Morris
Tee is a regular on the show and will also be making the trek to Phoenix to attend the Con. Tee gives his perspective on cons from the attendee as well as presenter point of view.

Be sure and tune in next week when we return to our regular programming.

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