Cover to Cover #84: TusCon xXx

TusCon xXx

The show this week is dedicated to the upcoming TusCon xXx sci-fi and fantasy convention in (of all places) Tuscon Arizona. The con lasts from November 14 - 16th, and if you find yourself in the southwest during this time, check it out!

Yvonne Navarro
Having Yvonne on the show was a big treat for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan in Mike... while Evo kinda checked out of the conversation for a while. Regardless, Yvonne is a great writer of sci-fi fantasy and is the author Guest of Honor for TusCon xXx this year.

Dennis L. McKiernan
Another guest at this years TusCon xXx sci-fi/fantasy convention, Dennis is writing the retelling of some faerie tales-- in novel form. Taking a very short tale and expanding it to a novel, Dennis is telling the realstory -- as he does in Once Upon a Winters Night. But please don't think these are kids novels. No, Dennis works with the original tale and expands upon it greatly to tell the story you won't get in the short version.

Leslie D'Allesandro Hawes
Artist Guest of Honor for the upcoming TusCon xXx sci-fi/fantasy convention, Leslie is a color pencil illustrator with some great talent in drawing dragons and fairies.

Jeff Bonhoff
Jeff and his wife Maya are the Musical Guests of Honor. They specialize in Filk music, which is the "official" music of sci-fi/fantasy conventions. Parodies and more serious tunes, some really great stuff comes out of 2:00 AM super-caffinated people in Stormtrooper outfits.

No Dragon Bites or Feed the Dragon segment this week. But we return next week with our regular programming!

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