Cover to Cover #86: Peter Archer / John C. Snider

Peter Archer - Wizards of the Coast
Peter is Director of Book Publishing for Wizards of the Coast, a premier sci-fi and fantasy company. WotC is responsible for such titles as Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon... and several books. We've had Wizards authors on the show before, such as R.A. Salvatore, Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis.

Peter gives us some insight to the company, where they came from, and where they are headed. There's lots of great fantasy work coming from these folks in the near future, and we talk with Peter about some upcoming titles.

John C. Snider
John produces SciFiDimensions, an online science fiction and fantasy magazine published each month. Unlike other online publications who find it difficult to produce more than an issue or two before going belly-up, John has been doing this since early 2000. He makes a great counter to the large online sites (like and really gives it to you from a fans perspective.

Dragon Bites - What's new and hot in fantasy and sci-fi

  • 12 hours of LotR - tickets on eBay
  • How not to get in Halle Berry's pants
  • SG-1 could happen in Europe by next year
  • Kill Bill 2 likely not a graphic novel adaptation
  • State sponsored Witch

Feed the Dragon
Evo reads off a list of technologies that just need to die. Yes, we stole the list... but listen anyhow.

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