Cover to Cover #107: Dabel Brothers / Beckett Comics

Sean Jordan of DB Pro
Sean is the managing editor of DB Pro, an up and coming graphic novel (you can call them comics if you want) company doing some very interesting things. They take classic fantasy novels, such as George R. R. Martin's The Hedge Knight series as well as Dragonlance by Wizards of the Coast and the excellent Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. High quality graphics and printing coupled with a wonderful adaptation has made for a phenomenal end product.

Gabriel Benson of Beckett Comics
Beckett Comics is doing some cutting edge work on new fiction, and their managing editor is Gabriel Benson. They've broken new ground with their Ruule - Ganglords of Chinatown series, as well as the graphic novels and official magazins for the Terminator:T3 franchise. These aren't your typical kiddie comics, kids. These guys put the "graphic" in graphic novel.

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  • Lion, witches and wardrobes... oh my!
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  • Jim Carrey's barely sci-fi movie
  • Kingdom Hospital to kingdom come
  • BBC with reality scifi/fantasy book show?
  • Dark Shadows fans elated!
  • Amazing Stories mag getting relaunched
  • Yet another Pet Semetary...
  • Lord of the Rings: Return of the King on its way to DVD... but you'll wanna wait.

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Mike's not happy and is taking it out on asteroids. Go figure...

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