Janeen O'Kerry

Growing up in the military, I lived in many places -- California, Germany, Washington D.C., Texas, and Ohio.? And like many writers, I've held a number of different jobs -- everything from computer programmer to horseback riding instructor.?

My writing career began in 1984 when I sold the first of over 100 non-fiction articles written for the national and regional horse magazines.? A few years later, a friend and I decided to try our hand at novels. We wrote three and sold the third one, APRIL'S CHRISTMAS, to Avalon Books in 1994.

My own first novel was LADY OF FIRE, a time-travel romance published by Leisure Books in 1996.? I've always had a great interest in Ireland, history, horses and fantasy, and truly enjoy combining all these things in my novels.

I also have a Manuscript Critique Service, where you can send me your opening chapter and get a fast, detailed, line-by-line critique of your work. ?Click here for details and a
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I now live in beautiful Arizona with my family, my cat, and my five-gaited American Saddlebred pleasure horse . . . and I know that ?home? is with the people you love, no matter where it may be.?

More information at the official Janeen O'Kerry website.