Coolest interviewee EVER!

Most of our interviews are done on the phone. As such, visualize the guest sitting near his or her computer, perhaps at a desk, or maybe even on their porch watching the sunset. We weren't quite ready for how Kim Bannerman (she'll be on in a week or so) idled her time away with us:

Now, while you're listening, if you hear splashing in the background, don't adjust the dial. I did the interview from my bubble bath with a glass of Cuban rum in one hand. I didn't bother to mention it to Evo and Mike, the hosts, because I thought it might seem slightly...oh, I don't know.... unprincipled. But it struck me later that I might have, in the course of appearing proper, given a really BORING interview. I suppose the lesson of the day is this: drunk and naked is far more interesting that sobre and clothed.

She wins, and can come back on the show ANY TIME!

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