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Yes, I'm the first one to say "screw what everyone else thinks", so it's likely coming as a surprise that I'm the one clamoring for your support on Podcast Alley. After all, it won't increase my chances of getting laid or clear up my complexion. Not that I have issues with either...

But I've kinda grown comfy with this idea of rock-solid numbers. We took a crappy time slot on KFYI (barely even showed up on the Arbitron scale) and pulled out numbers that have the political pundits scratching their heads. We're syndicated on more stations than any other SF/F talk show around. (Art Bell doesn't count. We know our stuff is fiction.)

So call me a greedy bastard all you want, but I want a top ranking at Podcast Alley. So that means you need to go vote. Here's the beauty of this system: you can vote over and over and over again, but only once per day. While that pretty much throws the integrity of their system out the window, I don't give a rats behind. I want you to vote. Each and every day. Set it up in your calendar. Tell your mom to remind you. Just do it.

Click the link below if you want to hear the rant I put up on Podcast Alley's site regarding this issue. But before you do that, go vote.

Posted at Podcast Alley, as the first comment for our site.

Whiny bastard

I'm a little disappointed in what I'm seeing here, people. Podcast Alley (damn fine site, if I may say so) adds podcasts to their list sequentially. Naturally, podcasts which have been listed the longest have the lowest numbers ID numbers. Mouse over Engadet and Daily Source Code on the right margin of this screen, and you'll notice really low numbers at the end of the URL string, 2 and 12 respectively.

Conversely, mouse over the "10 Newest" podcasts below that. As of this posting, it's in the 1230's. So you can see that new shows are assigned a higher number, and "old" shows have a lower ID number. Our ID is 40. Forty. As in, the 40th show, out of the twelve-hundred plus shows listed here.

We started podcasting as soon as we could, and started sending word to great places like Podcast Alley about our podcasts early. Hell, we beat Dawn and Drew, the number one rated site as of this posting. Their ID is #195. Now granted, the creators, owners and administrators of Podcast Alley probably dumped a whole bunch of podcasts in at about the same time, so it's just dumb luck that we got dropped into their database before Dawn and Drew.

Why am I bitching? Well, it's really more whining I suppose. If we've been up there for so friggin' long, how come more of you sunsabitchez haven't vote us higher on the food chain, DAMMIT? How come shows with IDs in the NINE HUNDREDS are ranked higher than us? WHY WHY WHY???? Probably because I whine about shit more than beg for votes. OK, screw it. That changes now. Consider me a Podcast Alley whore from this day forward. Dawn can have her world domination. I'm aiming for full intergalactic conquest.



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