Just some ideas

Many of you who have been listening to the show know the guys are trying to come up with a new name for the podcast show, as The Dragon Page: Between absolutely sucks. So, I've been thinking over some new names. If you think of any, put them in the comments section.

Joe's most excellent new names for the Dragon Page Podcast Show:

Dragon Droppings (also acceptable are Dragon Poo, and Dragon S**t)
The Dragon Page: Reloaded
The Dragon's Den (highly original, I know. But I actually think it could work.)
The Dragon Page: Second Wind
The Dragon Page: Breath Macabre (ok, it would never happen, but it sounds cool. Since we have a show called Live Fire, I'm taking a stab at another magical element, Air, but I'm not sure it's working.)

Anyway, I'll keep thinking. Post some of your ideas if you like.

About Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy succumbed to leiomyosarcoma on April 1, 2007. The irony of this is not lost on any who knew him and laughed with him. He was the first “official” book reviewer for The Dragon Page Radio Talk Show, and after moving to Arizona, he became a frequent contributor to Cover to Cover, Wingin’ It, Slice of SciFi and co-host of Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas.

He will be missed.


  1. I was actually going to recommend:

    The Escape POD (or From the Escape Pod)
    Dragon Eggs
    Dragon Page Xtreme (hey, it worked that one time...kinda...)
    Dragon Page: The Second Volume
    Dragon Page: The Missing Chapters

    ...but you know, Dragon Page: Beath Macabre sound cool. Just too hoity-toidy. How about Dragon's Breath?

    Dragon's Den gets a vote from me, too.

    But if you start calling the podcasts DP: Reloaded. I'm calling Evo "Keanu" from here on out...

  2. I think you need to distance yourself a little bit in your naming to differentiate the podcast from the radio show.

    Also, Dragon Page this, and Dragon Page that... eh, it gets a bit predictable. If you can untether yourself from the name, perhaps subconciously it will help with creative lubrication.

    So, my suggestion:
    Here There be Serpents

    Also, I liked "From the Escape Pod"

  3. But the Dragon theme is our roots. The whole reason that this show started was because of my dragon books. So the name is nostalgic for me.
    Plus, Sci-fi shows are constantly focusing on the space and the future angle - Dragon Page gives just a little hint to the fantasy side of the genre that is mostly overlooked.

  4. how about "dragon's fire" or "the dragon page: epilogue"?

    i also liked: dragon's breath & dragon droppings...

    agree w/ michael, the dragon element needs to stay - from a branding perspective 😉

  5. If you're going for Air, Dragon Flights? (Winging It? -giggle-)
    I think Here There Be Serpents is cool. Even Breath Macabre on it's own sounds good.

  6. Joe Murphy says

    Well, Dragon Droppings and DP: Reloaded were just jokes, but I'm glad Droppings got at least one vote. 🙂 I kinda like Dragon's Breath, but it's not very macho.

  7. Here are some other thoughts:

    - The Weekly Wyrmling

    - The Dragon's Horde

    - Draconic Secrets

    - The Dragon Page: Between the Stacks (book-ly allusions)

    - The Dragoncast (or The Dracocast)

  8. Joe Murphy says

    The Dragoncast. That's not bad.

  9. Dragon POD

  10. Hey guys what about;

    The dragon's Hoard or
    Dragon Pearls. or to keep going with the pod-shaped theme. Dragon's gems.

    one last thought,

    Dragon Page: Timeshift

    as timeshifting is what podcasting is all about.