Dangerous Books

Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries.
(Disclaimer: We are not saying that we agree or disagree with these titles, and do not proclaim support of these books in any way.)
I just thought that I pass along the link.

HUMAN EVENTS asked a panel of 15 conservative scholars and public policy leaders to help us compile a list of the Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Each panelist nominated a number of titles and then voted on a ballot including all books nominated.

Be sure to check out the list under the top ten. (Very Interesting.)


  1. Origin of the Species? Do not get me fucking started.

  2. Damn - how do I get Amitvyille House of Pancakes, vol 1 onto that list?

    (you like that sneaky plug, don't you...)

  3. The venerable professors also believe that the all time winner of the most harmful work of fanatasy is the BIBLE. They think that the mythical fantasy of virgin birth and raising the dead is less believeable than the bolt of lightening (zeus)!

  4. I have some very strong opinions on this list, but for the sake of keeping this post nice and friendly, I will refrain from throwing my two cents in. (Yeah, I know, it is a chicken-shit cop-out on my part, but I get too damn much email as it is!)

  5. Face it, the conservatives would be really, really happy if they could turn the clocks back to pre-suffragette, pre-abolishinist America where they'd all be in charge on the plantation.

    Silent Spring
    by Rachel Carson
    Score: 9
    -WTF??? They're freaking insane, no other word for it.

    Notice they don't believe in evolution because they are unevolved.

  6. ラブドール 激安 シリコーン人形の長所と短所についてあなたが考えるべきこと

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