A good friend passes

Barry Bard, friend of the Dragon Page and any other fan of science fiction, fantasy and movies from Phoenix, passed on yesterday after an all-too-short battle with pancreatic cancer.

Barry was a face you could always count on at conventions and events, either handing out passes to movies, putting out movie posters for free, previewing the coming releases, or sticking pins and other forms of tchotske on your person.

An encyclopedic knowledge of rare books and SF trivia, you will be missed, Barry.


  1. Terry Berry says

    Just wanted to add a note. In several of the Barry's obits I have read, his supplying of freebies and huckstering of books have been mentioned. But no mention has been made of Barry's other contributions to fandom. He was always a source of infomation and ideas that made conventions better.

    LepreCon, for instance, owes its current emphasis to Barry. On an all night drive to the last Equicon, Barry, Zeta Dilley (both now deceased) and I (then Terry Gish, now Terry Berry) planned the art orientation of LepreCon. Barry had volunteered around the first of the year to chair LepreCon 7 with Art GoH Alicia Austin. On that drive to LA the three of us decided that it was time to do an SF convention with art as not just an adjuct but as a focus. Therefore Zeta would chair LepreCon 8 with George Barr as GoH and I would do 9 with Kelly Freas. From then on LepreCons have had Art GoHs and large art shows.

    Barry also suggested Phoenix Fan Gatherings (small relaxacons) that continued for many years.

    These are only two of the excellent ideas Barry contributed. I am sure many of you have other examples.

    Barry was also a source of wonderful stories, many of which he participated in.

    Barry, I miss you. But you know that.

  2. Barry was always instrumental in convincing us (Evo and I) to get involved. If not for Barry, we would not have:

    1) Become a supporting part of CopperCon and LepreCon.
    2) Become involved with The AZ Film Festival
    3) Been introduced to the 501st and TD0013
    4) Become involved with CASFS
    5) Spent a wonderful week at ComicCon, meeting many people that Barry knew and getting into places that we never could have on our own.

    Barry was forever sharing his wealth of information and contacts with the people he knew. He was a giver, and he rarely asked for anything in return.

    He will be missed.

  3. Daryl F. Mallett says

    Barry, Besides Books...

    I got the message via cell phone en route from Tucson, AZ to Great Western War in Chino, CA on Friday. I had to pull over from the tears. It was not unexpected, knowing that Barry was battling pancreatic cancer. But it was too sudden. Too soon that friendly laugh and those twinkling eyes were taken away from us.

    Besides books, movies, posters, tickets and freebies, Barry was instrumental in making people welcome, both in fandom and in the SCA. When I moved to Arizona in 1993, I had already known Barry from conventions back to my first in 1987 and he helped me jump right into Arizona fandom and the SCA here.

    He was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. Plus he always knew what you were looking for, before you did! He would show up at a convention or a fighter practice and hand me a book or four over a wide range of topics and say, "Hey, I found these books and thus-and-such and thought they were perfect for you." And he was usually right.

    The long road trips, the shared hotel rooms at conventions, the good conversation... Damn it! Why did he have to go so soon...there was so much more of that I wanted to have. But apparently Barry finished what he came here for. I know that my life is enriched by the friendship we had. I know many others feel the same way.

    Have fun at SkyCon, my friend. Pull up a chair and a drink and say hello to those who arrived there before. You're missed, Barry.

  4. Lysa Ledford says

    I remember Barry...since I was 20. I have so many good memories of him. He taught me how to jitterbug. He introduced me to Heinlein, Spider Robinson and Doug Adams. I fell out of touch with him over the years and had only recently found out that he was sick. I tried desperately to get in touch with him...and now it's too late.

    Barry was an amazing friend. He was someone you could sit and talk with or someone you could just curl up and be silent with.
    My gods, I miss him so much.
    I still have alot of the books and stuff he gave me years ago. I just came across some of them the other day, before I found out about his passing.
    I'll never, ever forget him.

    Goodbye, sweetheart.
    I never told you that I loved you so many years ago. But I did. I really did.

  5. This is just a note to say I am sorry you are gone, Barry. I remember you from your NAU days, and from some of the "relaxicons", which when occuring on Friday nights were generally called "Inevitables". I'd really like to have one more reunion with you and the rest - Capt Coors, Ugly John, the many Jims (Siebert, Bear Peters, Jimmie Walker, to name but a few), the Danes, Dr. Bruce (no more pickle fork jokes, please), Susan Roberts, Mike Skloff (who is famous now, I believe), and so many other wonderful people. Could we have just one more stifling hot Friday summer night somewhere in the 1970's? I'd like to tell you something I never told you.

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