Thought I would share my new toys that came into the studio today.

It's a bit bigger than my last mixer.

Trying to fit the new one in here is challenging.

My power supply to feed the monster.

I love my job!


  1. David Hill says

    Would hate to see your power bill.

  2. Power is nothing. 400 watts. It is just big because it has tons of filtering. Super clean power = super clean operation.

    Sure is perdy though. 😉

  3. Whew-and I was thinking it was penis envy! LOl-I'm completely envious. Use it well.

  4. Heather Copeland says

    Oh, great, more knobs for Mike to play with while drinking. 🙂 Looks very cool.

  5. I have to take the whole studio apart as you can see. I'll post my final solution once the saw-dust settles.

    I'm sure it will look cool. And I can't wait to hear the results. Our noise floor should be under 2db when finished. (It's around 6db now.)

    Plus I have a couple other toys to add into the mix. (Secret engineering toys.) I don't want to give all my tricks away. 😉

  6. What's the make and model. It's hard to see. Looks wicked cool though.


  7. Holy cow! What a monster that thing is. Fantastic. I love knobs.

  8. Wow, you guys are really going hgh tech. So much for my mental image of you all sitting around a old up table, shooting the crap.

  9. It is a Behringer Eurodesk MX9000 Mixer. 24/48 input, 8 bus, 6 send unit that will re-invent the studio at a new level.

    This is one of the top level boards on the market right now. The Mackie 8 buss is the closest equivalent, but it is running almost $4000 at the moment. This is a good choice for about a grand.

    Oh, I Love knobs too. 😉

  10. Jack H (aka NOT the Duel of the Fates Guy) says

    Hey is the old one for sale?

  11. Yes it is. I was planning on putting the old ones (there are two in the system now,) up on eBay next week.

    I actually have a lot of equipment that I was planning to put up on eBay. If anyone is interested, send me an email, and I'll send you the list of stuff. I'll give you a good deal if I can save some listing fees. 😉

  12. Well now I have mixer envy. I have a little 6 channel phonic mixer 🙁

    Cool new toy though 😀

  13. Mike it sounded great when you called me with the sound check tonight ---- looking forward to hearing it on-the-air.