The Dragon Page...totally Airwolf!

So I'm listening to Mur Laffery's First Birthday for Geek Fu Action Grip and her friend, Jason Adams of the Random Signal podcast, suddenly says "Your podcasts are so Airwolf!"

So naturally, my curiosity piqued. Was this a reference to one of the coolest action shows from the 80's starring Jan Michael-Vincent and Ernest Borgnine?

Apparently, yes.

From the blog "Dave's Long Box" comes a story too silly to be believed, and a concept we all must promote...

In the comments section Dave's Long Box readers have been discussing using the word "Airwolf" as a universally positive adjective. Rumor has it that back in the day, the producers of the hit TV show Airwolf were smoking crack and they thought, "Wouldn't it be great if kids started using Airwolf as a synonym for 'cool?'"

From here, Dave and Jason are beginning a movement. Check out Jason's Totally Airwolf Army where people are showing the signs of being completely Airwolf!

And you know something -- I think this is going to work. When I think of "cool," Airwolf comes to mind. Cool theme. Cool helicopter. And David Carradine was in an episode so yeah, this show was extremely cool.

So the next time you see a friend, make sure you tell them...


  1. I'm on board with this one! I loved that show when I was a kid. Airwolf was so airwolf.

  2. My friend (way back when I was in the Navy) used to say that all that time BUT he would follow it up by making the 'Airwolf' noise *kkkshhhhhhh* of the hatch opening. Now that was totally Airwolf.

  3. This comes in part from the Ernie Cline performance of "Airwolf." While I'm not sure if he originally coined the idea of Airwolf = cool, his poem and performance is SWEET. Any self respecting geek must - MUST - listen and know Ernie Cline.

  4. Ya know, I loved the show when I was a kid and thought it was awesome (along with the first season or two of Knight Rider - so there is no accounting for taste), but I think this is the dumbest idea I've heard of since someone thought to give Mike and Evo a radio show =-P

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