Cover to Cover #225: George R. R. Martin (Hugo Nominee Series)

A Feast for CrowsThis week, "Cover to Cover" begins a special series of interviews covering of the 2006 Hugo-nominated novels and novellas. There'll be one story per show covered up until the Hugos are awarded at Worldcon in Anaheim, August 23-27, 2006.

Michael and Evo kick the Hugo coverage series off with a rebroadcast of their interview with George R. R. Martin about A Feast for Crows.


  1. Vanamonde says

    If you guys ever bring `Feeding the Dragon' segment back, I have a good one for you:,,923-2259031.html

  2. I enjoyed the interview, even though it was a replay. The original interview was before my time so it was new to me. It actually made me seriously consider tackling the megalithic-sized tomes of the series.