Cover to Cover #230: Robert J. Sawyer (Hugo Nominee Series)

This week, "Cover to Cover" continues our Hugo Award nominated novels and novellas special interview series. There'll be one story per show covered up until the Hugos are awarded at Worldcon in Anaheim, August 23-27, 2006.

This week, Michael and Evo talk to Robert J. Sawyer about his novella "Identity Theft", an original novella that can be found in the SFBC anthology Down These Dark Spaceways, edited by Mike Resnick. The novella is also available to read online at Rob's website.


  1. Hi Fellas.

    Good interview. I wanted to point out my disagreement with Michael using the term "believe in science" in the interview. Science is not a faith, science is a method for grokking new things using a process of; theorise, experiment, analyse and repeat.
    Probably a bit anal now that I think about it, but I think it's important to choose our words carefully in this particular domain.

  2. I have to agree with James to an extent. We cannot equate science to any sort of faith based organization. But what I think that he meant by "believe" is the belief that science is good for us, not something to worship. There are some midevilist tendencies that a lot of people feel. Life is moving very fast for a lot of people and change is very difficult to handle.

  3. Brendan Bartlett says

    I hate to be disagreeable but I think there are a lot of people out there that "believe" in science. Perhaps a better way to put it would be they have "faith" in science. The science they learned was in grade school and they pretty much took it on faith that it was correct.

    Far too many people think of the conclusions of science as a static "truth" rather than an 'evolving' set of theories.

    Actually though, what I wanted to comment on was... Ah, crap. The earlier comments distracted me and forgot!