Cover to Cover #248: Anniversary Special

Show Notes: 5 Years of Cover to Cover!

This is a very special show, marking 5 years of The Dragon Page, almost exactly to the date.

Michael and Evo reminisce about starting up this crazy show, starting with Book Crazy Radio, through many other incarnations, and frighten everyone with audio clips from ancient shows, with all the things that make you cringe!

Take the langorous journey through memory with Michael and Evo, and be happy with where the many new paths we're all on are taking us.

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  1. Friggin awesome guys! Thanks for sharing 😛

  2. Happy Birthday Dragonpage!
    Here's to another five years!

    Tons of fun hearing about the olden days, for more fun you might try mentioning the Internet Wayback Machine's archive of your old versions of this site, seems it first has a cache from YOU guys owning the domain in mid 2002.

  3. I think there's two celebrations in order.

    Happy Anniversary, Dragonpage. This is the show that I heard on XM that eventually led me to listening to a lot of Farpoint Media shows. It will always have a warm spot in my heart.

    And Evo is actually in the studio? That's worth a celebration right there! 🙂

  4. That was interesting, having only listened for a year or something (with catchups), I didn't know any of this. Pity I didn't find you a bit eariler.

    Not that Arizona radio would have got here, of course. 😉