Cover to Cover #278B: Voicemail Day

Welcome to more "Cover to Cover" for your week! This week, Michael, Summer, and Brian field some questions about the B show, and do we really need a nickname here?

Feedback: Rusty suggests "Pageburners" at a nickname for the B-show; Timothy Low is searching for the name of a book written by the Brothers Hildebrandt (that would be Urshurak); Indiana Jim chimes in on the values of modern technology and the publishing industry; Trampas curses Mike Stackpole for releasing Fortress Draconis as a podcast, because it made him go out and get the book (and let a lot of new people know about podcast novels); Todd in Orem adds more info about the missing Pern story that was expanded into The White Dragon; Trucker Cylon asks a question about abridged versions of books and audio books; Greg from The Myth Show asks about prologues and the use of POV from outside the main character's perspective; Todd in Orem asks Mike S about his Comic-Con coverage, and about following through with inspired jokes; Ian from BC asks Mike S what happened to the interviews on The Secrets, and if he has a new writing project;

Yes, we can and will discuss genres beyond SF and fantasy... and if you have a review for something that's in a different genre, by all means send it in!

Can you describe in one minute or less a book you've forgotten or lost and are trying to find again? Let us know, and try to help you find it!

Listener Review: David Simon from Crimson Dark reviews the action SF game BioShock, and the story behind the actual game.

Can you do a 3-minute audio book review? Here's what we're looking for:

  • Book title, author, publisher, cost
  • Must have been published within the past calendar year
  • Why did you like the book?
  • What about the book will you remember a year from now?
  • Why would you recommend this book to other potential readers?

Don't forget, you can also comment on books listed in The Library... look through the listings and feel free to post your thoughts and comments there.

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!

Promo: Dragon's Fire, Wizard's Flame by Michael R. Mennenga
Promo: Fortress Draconis by Michael A. Stackpole


  1. Have a look at:

    for reasons that Bioshock is not quite as innovative as some of the reviews have lead you to believe.

  2. The sheer audio quality of the bio shock review was awesome, have to give the a game a try myself.

  3. tim and darcy low says

    many thanks Summer. I hate when I can't remember something like that. I was able to find two good copies of it. One for us to read, and one to put up. getting hard to find it. Again, thank you. great show guys.


  4. Good answer to my voicemail. The revolution is here, it's just not in their hands.