Dragon Page Challenge: The Tick-Tock Hobbit Universe

As promised, here's the place to post links to your stories in the Tick-Tock Hobbit Universe, as described in "Cover to Cover" #278A. You can start at TS 24:10 and hear Jason's voicemail asking the question, and our responses that led to this idea, or you can just start at TS 40:20 and listen to the last 6 minutes of the show to hear the explanation of the ground rules.

The basic rules of this new fantasy universe:

  1. There must be Hobbit-like creatures
  2. There must be some magical-mechanical devices, not highly advanced
  3. An alien ship crash-lands on the world and changes everything

Write your stories in this universe, keep the stories PG-13, and only post the LINKS to the stories that you have on your own websites, not the stories themselves.

Let's see where this goes!


  1. The Hobbits are in an never ending war, until a crashed ship threatens to alter the balance of power.


  2. A young hobbit is dismayed to get a doll for his birthday.


  3. The world's survival depends on the blood pact of one family with the beast of "The Clearing"


  4. Growing up was fun and peaceful until someone tried to do too much

  5. Here is my take on the Tick-Tock Hobbit Universe. I hope you all enjoy.

  6. Just in case anyone who wishes to view my story doesn't know to click on my name, you can also follow this link: