Cover to Cover #280B: It's All About the Word Sluts

Drawing DragonsThis week, Michael, Summer, and Michael brainstorm about new nicknames for the A and B shows, and get really silly in the process.

Feedback: Will the Computer Guy appreciates the addition of writing tips to the scope of "Cover to Cover", and thanks both Michaels for their contributions to podcasts that have helped him write more and write better; Trucker Cylon comments on the Tad Williams interview and makes a point about not everyone having the same opinions about the world we live in; Lambo's life-changing SF novel was Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke; Todd in Orem with hints on how to find information on forgotten books online.

Can you describe in one minute or less a book you've forgotten or lost and are trying to find again? Let us know, and try to help you find it!

Listener Review: Anna in WA reviews Orphan's Quest, by Pat Nelson Childs.

The Library: This week, we talk about Hobby Games by James Lowder from Green Ronin Publishing; Drawing Dragons and Those Who Hunt Them by Christopher Hart; Swords and Sorcery by Bryan Baugh; Intimate Relations with Strangers by David Valentine Bernard; As Fate Decrees by Denyse Bridger; Halting State by Charles Stross; Queen of Candesce by Karl Schroeder; The Bonehunters by Steven Erikson; Empire of Ivory by Naomi Novik.

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!

Link: National Novel Writing Month


  1. I do not know if this has been said on looking for books, but I'm not sure if it's been mentioned, but the author's website will usually have a list of all the books they've written, or at least they should. In the Anne McCaffrey example, I know there's a list of all the Pern books in PDF both in order of publication and in the order they occur on Pern.

  2. A book written in second person?? Freaky!

  3. Strange. My iTunes crashes whenever it tries to download this episode.

    Am I the only one it's happening to?

  4. It didn't crash for me, but it did show up two days late for some reason.

  5. My ITunes won't load the newest podcast either. It locks up and becomes unresponsive when I try to download. It is just with The Dragon Page podcast. Anyone have any idea how to get around this?

  6. hey - i can't seem to find any of the interesting books in the library - no listing for either Hart or stross in the author list, nor do I see the books on the first two pages of post...

    guess i'll have to search directly at amazon instead :[

    good show, and PLEASE do keep it in one feed, anything subscribed is a habit - any choice (and work) means priorities and consideration...

  7. I have same problem. itunes crashed whenever i tried to download this episode. Had to delet from itunes and download manually

  8. I like the new format, with two shows a week. I wondered something about the library segment, though. There appears to be a much higher volume of fantasy novels mentioned than science fiction. Do you think that reflects a trend in publishing at the moment, or is it just because that's what you receive more of?

    Oh and I enjoyed the heated debate around my voicemail on world building. I knew I could rely on you all not to shy away from controversy!

  9. Dave from OZ says

    Charles Stross has made the prologue and first three chapters of his book "Halting State" available on his blog for all to enjoy.