Cover to Cover #284B: Worlds and Readers

The High King's TombVoicemail: Trucker Cylon disagrees with Stackpole's position on how Lucas has every right to do with his universe what he wishes (despite how it affects the continuity of the works contributed by other writers); Goblin King on closed captioning, dialects and accents; did fandom really address the issue of playing in other writer's universes; the difference between current works still under copyright and fables and myths already in the public domain.

A number of people recognized the "missing" young adult book series. It's called "Fire Brats", a series of books written by Barbara Siegel, Scott Siegel and Barbara Steiner. There are four books in the series: The Burning Land, Survivors, Thunder Mountain, and Shockwave.

Listener Review: Web Genii reviews John Crowley's Little, Big, finding a loophole in the "published within the past year" guideline since this 1981 award winner was reprinted recently, and will soon be available as a collectible anniversary edition.

Can you do an audio book review no longer than 3 minutes? Here's what we're looking for:

  • Book title, author, publisher, cost
  • Must have been published within the past calendar year
  • Why did you like the book?
  • What about the book will you remember a year from now?
  • Why do you want to recommend this book to other potential readers?

Dragon Page Challenge: We now have a collaborative world-building effort, a web-based writing exercise! Check out The Tick-Tock Hobbit project.

The Library: This week's books: Readers and Raelynx by Sharon Shinn; The Longevity Thesis by Jennifer Rahn; Wyvernhail by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes; Darkness of the Gods by Amber Hayward; Cauldron Jack McDevitt; The High King's Tomb by Kristen Britain

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!


  1. Rebecca from Australia says

    I have to second the recommendation for Crowley's Little, Big. A very lovely book.

    Nice review, Web Genii! 🙂

  2. Which show had Mr. Stackpole's comments about playing in the Star Wars universe?

  3. Oh my giddy Aunt! Kristen Britian's latest is out already! And I didn't notice! I'm a baaaaad Auntie!