Cover to Cover #288A: Feeeedback

Voicemail: Michael and Michael discuss some feedback from Jack Jaffee, who thanks Mike S for "The Secrets", and wonders what writers under contract for a licensed project do when the story they're working on isn't really working; the Jefferson Bible is more philosophy, but not church canon; Mark from Hoboken requests that C2C have a chat with Gordon Van Gelder; Elena in Las Vegas highly recommends Wizards, Inc and would love to see a followup collection (there is another one on the way!); Elena in Las Vegas on how some overwrought sequences in stories affect her enjoyment of the story;

Lejon gives a guess about what "Jail" in Bookopoly might be; Josh in Maine with a view on fan work in other writers' universes; Trampas with questions on fan fiction and shared worlds (ie, why is fiction judged more harshly than fan art or fan music); Frakkin Geek wants to know which YouTube dancer is Mike S; John from Central PA interrupts his NaNoWriMo crunch to comment on Orson Scott Card being in the foothills of Olympus; question about e-books, and why there's a lack of support for them after advancements in technologies;

Trampas asks about using first person POV; Tom in SF comments on books that challenged him in turns of being completely turned off by what he read; Lejon has a question on story formulas and how can writers avoid falling into repeating themselves; Tim Low asks if the studies about reading being down are really accurate; Tim Low comments on parents and their responsibility for their children's reading materials;

A question about making a novel out of an existing screenplay; Jason from The Nut Gallery thanks everyone for identifying the Firebrats series as the books he couldn't find; John in Seattle contributes some insight on one of the items of contention in the WGA strike and how it may affect the upcoming SAG contract renewal next year; John on Seattle lets us know why he's doing NaNoWriMo this year.

Dragon Page Challenge: We now have a collaborative world-building effort, a web-based writing exercise! Check out The Tick-Tock Hobbit project.

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  1. Sorry to pick on you for my pen name but it spelled Jack Jaffee. Thanks for playing my stuff.