Cover to Cover #306A: World Fantasy 2008

Interview: Michael Stackpole and Summer talk with WFC 2008 committee members Ryah Dienes and Kurt Armbruster about all that goes into organizing a professional convention, and still have fun doing it.

WFC 2008's theme is "Mystery in Fantasy and Horror", and this year's guests are David Morrell, Barbara Hambly, Tom Doherty, Tad Williams and Todd Lockwood.

Go attend just to witness the massive book signing, and don't miss their podcast, that's been running for almost 2 years now, promoting the 2008 Convention.

If you're attending and can record any of the panels you're attending, volunteer as a recording minion for the convention!

Voicemail: Shane in Sydney gives us another example of Christian fiction (yeah, he went there); how "The Da Vinci Code" is compelling and poorly written at the same time, and suggestions for Mary Doria Russell's "The Children of God" and "The Sparrow"; Trucker Overdrive weighs in on how his wife enjoyed the start of the Left Behind series but not the end, and posits that maybe that series is the literary equivalent of a candy bar; Will from Tulsa wonders if a scene in Sigler's INFECTED was inspired by "Parasite Eve" or not; Darcy's Dad reports that Darcy visited Jim Butcher's St Louis book signing; Darcy's Dad also weighs in on Left Behind's appeal to it's Christian fan base; Schmoo throws in Piers Anthony's "Incarnations of Immortality" series as having a thread of religion in there; Trampas comments on labeling from #302B, and how it goes beyond books categorizing.

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Link: World Fantasy 2008: Calgary Alberta CA
Link: WFC 2008: MySpace


  1. Great show, guys. Unfortunately, I owed money this year. I did celebrate Tax Day buy buying a PS3. Blu-ray is nice!