Cover to Cover #317B: Fiction, Fantasy, Politics, Life

Black Magic WomanThe Dragon Page covers more than just fantasy and science fiction... we've been slowly branching out into mysteries and thrillers as well, and we have covered new media and graphic novels. Just so ya know.

Voicemail: Trampas is unhappy, but we were talking to a Daily Show writer making jokes; ADD Todd comments on clarifications on his earlier comments; Cynthia from KC addresses some points about the changing Borders situation, and equates customer purchases to customer surveys; Trampas wants dibs on a comment as a book idea; question for Stackpole about why the Fortress Draconis podcast only has 25 episodes (no, he's not done yet); Trampas wants to know what our thoughts are on writing just for fun.

Audible: Try out Audible Frontiers' SciFi and Fantasy offerings, including a free audiobook!

Listener Review: Chris Lester from Metamor City gives us a review of Black Magic Woman by Justin Gustainis. Don't miss our interview with Justin in Cover to Cover #305B, and Summer's review of Black Magic Woman.

The Library: New this week: The Grin of the Dark by Ramsey Campbell; The Bearskin Rug by Jennifer Stevenson; Future Americas edited by John Helfers and Martin H. Greenberg; The King's Shield by Sherwood Smith; Escapement by Jay Lake; The Dimension Next Door edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes.

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Promo: Brave Men Run by Matthew Wayne Selznick
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  1. Saying you want to avoid politics is a bit like saying you want to avoid water.

  2. Shane from Sydney says

    Politics is good. I think they're right though. Some people, not all, only complain about political content when they disagree with what is said. If you're only pissing a few of your listeners you're not trying hard enough.

  3. InkGypsy says

    Love the show guys but I beg to differ that the only ones bothered by your political ramblings are those opposed to them. From what I've heard I hold the same political views as you but, just like your caller, I too groan when you start talking politics. Everything is connected, yes, but then why aren't you also talking about pollution, the starving millions (or is that billions?), recycling, racism and water. My guess is because they don't immediately spring to mind as an issue when you're discussing books, while politics does because it matters to you personally- especially at the moment. Yes you do touch on those when the books you're discussing overlap those subjects but they're not dwelt on or continually returned to. You're spending time talking about politics now because those issues are never far from your thoughts. Being that it's your show you can do what you want of course. Free speech rules, right? But you should be aware this isn't what the majority of your listeners are tuning in/downloading for. The occasional show that highlights the political connections to the publishing industry is to be expected (please put it in the show notes though so we're forewarned) but most of us want the stuff you're historically known for - the book talk, writer tips, discussion of the fantasy/sci-fi genre, the writer interviews, etc The show is great and I've enjoyed listening for a long time now but I too have noticed the amount of political discussion has recently increased from past shows/years. If you're changing the format of the show that's your perogative of course. The only reason I'm commenting at all is so you know your caller isn't alone in his opinion. Just like him, I look forward to the shows each week but you should be aware of why we're listening in the first place and what will keep us listening in the future. Respectfully - one of your long time listeners.

  4. Am I missing something? The last few times politics was brought up were during an interview with a writer for The Daily Show, and in response to comments about shows that were several months old.

    Should we drop the listener comments if they're referring to old shows, simply because someone is way behind in listening? The comments the past few shows were all referring to the same old episode, so they're only being brought up *because* the listeners are bringing it up again. They haven't listened forward enough to hear that someone else with the same comment already had their comment talked about... the comments were from shows 10 weeks ago or more.

    Talking with someone who makes a living off writing satire based on current day politics, I would think there would be some mention of politics, even some jokes.

    I am curious... when you say "political connections to the publishing industry", in what context are you talking about? It said in the show notes that Rob Kutner was an award-winning writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Unless you're referring to some other guest?