Cover to Cover #319B: Electronic Formats Revisisted

Discussion: Michael and Michael discuss a strange firestorm that's developed around Zapptek Legends, the iPhone/iPod Touch application that allows people to read e-books on the devices, and a particular technological argument surrounding the new changes that have arrived and that are still coming.

Listener Review: Tim Low gives us an overview of Growing Old with BC: A 50-Year Celebration by Johnny Hart.

The Library: Mike, Lorrie and Mike go through the new arrivals this week: The Entire Vampire Huntress Legend serires by L. A. Banks (Lorrie will read all 11 of them in about 14 days); An Autumn War by Daniel Abraham; The Magicians and Mrs. Quent by Galen Beckett; The Dragon's Lair by Elizabeth Haydon; Multireal by David Louis Edelman; Thursday Next by Jasper Fforde; Love in the Time of Fridges by Tim Scott; The Valley Westside War by Harry Turtledove; The Man with the Iron Heart by Harry Turtledove.

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  1. Vanamonde says

    Jasper Fforde's website is worth checking out:

    He even includes a list of errors for each book you and a Special Features section for each novel that you can enter by answering a question that you will know after reading the novel.

    If the plot of First Among Sequels intrigued you, you should start at the beginning with the 'The Eyre Affair'...that was the book that turned me into a Fforde fan. Him and Terry Pratchett are the only two authors whose books I buy in hardback.

  2. Hey,

    I'm one of those Tower of eBabel people who needs to "get a grip."

    If you care to read my response, it's here: Re: Cover to Cover #319B: Electronic Formats Revisisted.

  3. yeah, yeah, wax cylinders. Wax cylinders were usable for decades. How long before the Touch is obsolete?

    My rant

  4. I think you guys should give Jasper Fforde a go, too. Starting with the Eyre Affair will probably make more sense 🙂 He's really very good.