Cover to Cover #324A: Feedback, From You

Voicemail: Trampas would like to know if there's a rule of thumb on when and how to use cussing in a story; Craig in PA would like to hear more about the SF/F series that are being adapted for television and film; Elena in Las Vegas comments on the use of contemporary language in "The Blade Itself"; Ben in Tampa comments on the plans for the "Joust" movie; ADD Todd adds a little twist to the idea for the murder mystery plot; Justin from Dead Robots Society has questions about what to expect as the moderator of a podcasting panel at Dragon*Con; Clay from AL on some of the drawbacks of serialized fiction; Trampas has a question for Mike S about "I, Jedi"; Jaime from NY applauds the Library Section for influencing his book buying choices; Anna the Librarian adds her insight on textbook publishers, used bookstores, and e-books; Anna adds her recommendation for Jasper Fforde's novels; Anna comments on the need and wish for a portable, cross-platform electronic format for libraries; Mark from Liquid Weird Podcast expresses his disappointment about Frederick Pohl's recent comments on fantasy writing being easier and not as challenging as science fiction writing.

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!


  1. Jamie from Upstate NY, there's a review up here on Outrageous Fortune, and I'll be writing one for Love in the Time of Fridges as soon as I finish it. Please feel free to comment or argue with me about either one. 🙂

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