Cover to Cover #327B: Playing with

Discussion: So how many of you have been playing with the new website? The new site, launched at the same time as San Diego Comicon, is now more of a social networking media site for books than it is an informational site for a book publisher.

Listener Review: D. C. Wilson for Beyond the Event Horizon has a review of A. Lee Martinez' The Automatic Detective

Listener Feedback: Doc Brown asks Miks S about an online serial fiction project that he and Moose are collaborating on, and whether or not a market for two unknown writers with a new media project might find some traction with it.

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  1. Discussions about technology and new ways or publishing books like the kisok model, are all very interesting. But what it fails to offer is the joys of browsing. What about discovering an author by accident? Where's the opportunity to read the blurb, flick have a glance at the opening sentences, smell the ink? I think plenty of authors would have just languished unknown if they hadn't been discovered that way, and people who found them told all their friends, their friends promoted them on forums and the like.

    Technology isn't the answer to everything. We can lose just as much as we gain, which is a real shame, in my view.