Cover to Cover #329B: Listener Comments

Show Notes: Getting away from Being Connected

Voicemail: Trampas (Dragonlance Canticle) comments on how continuity errors can make a book or series unreadable for him. Mike, Mike and Summer chat about the various reasons why that may happen, depending on who's sandbox is being played in and by who's rules they are bound to play by.

Listener Review: Justin Macumber of Dead Robots Society reviews Too Many Curses by A. Lee Martinez.

Dead Robots Society is currently running their 2nd Annual Writing Contest, running from October 1 through October 31, 2008. This year, the contest is about great opening chapters. Visit their website for more details, including some wonderful prizes.

Voicemail: Jordan comments on the cycle between customizations and uniformity; Michael from Germany calls in with praise for the show (you're very welcome, Michael!); there's a recording of a panel featuring Charles Stross on e-books over at; comment on a Metal Gear Solid book and a potential easter egg; Todd in Utah nitpicks about the pronunciation of "Trek"; Dawn from NC wants some recommendations on more dragon stories; Arkle comments on anachronistic language use; Will the Computer Guy tells us about a recording of a reading by Charlaine Harris that's available at Adventures in Scifi Publishing; Shane wonders if the dissatisfaction with the later Xanth novels is because they were written geared towards younger readers.

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Link: Martha Wells -- Worlds of Fantasy


  1. Just to reiterate what Michael from Germany said. You guys do a great job. This show has opened a whole community up to me, I have learnt so much, and am a much better reader and writer for it. You'll all definitely be on my list of "thank-yous" if and when I publish my first novel.