The Search for Dragon Stories

In Cover to Cover #329B, listener Dawn in North Carolina stated that she's read all of the McCaffrey Pern novels and short stories, and is now in desperate need for suggestions for more books about or featuring dragons.

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Here's a start:

Melanie Rawn: Dragon Prince trilogy
Dragon Prince, The Star Scroll, Sunrunner's Fire

Melanie Rawn: Dragon Star trilogy
Stronghold, The Dragon Token, Skybowl

Both series have amazing dragon art covers by Michael Whelan.

Elizabeth Lynn: Dragon's Winter and Dragon's Treasure

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman: Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy
Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, Dragons of Spring Dawning

Alison Baird: The Dragon Throne Trilogy
Stone of the Stars, Empire of the Stars, Archons of the Stars

Martin H. Greenberg: edited the anthology Dragon Fantastic
Alan Dean Foster: edited the anthology Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves

and of course, Mistress of the Dragon by Michael R. Mennenga

Feel free to add any more suggestions to the comments, or to the new thread over at the forums, Recommendations for Books with Dragons


  1. Other dragon books worth looking at include Mike Stackpole's DragonCrown Cycle (4 books total) and Naomi Novick books.

  2. Andie Neill says

    Thornspell by Helen Lowe also has a seriously cool dragon in it.

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