Cover to Cover #331B: The Growth of the Artist

HookedDiscussion: Mike M has rediscovered his lost stories, and is planning to jump back into them full bore, and is newly passionate about the importance of doing regular system backups. This leads into a conversation about how an artist or a writer will grow and change over the course of just doing their work. How hard is it to resurrect an old project, one written earlier in your artistic process?

Also, both Mikes are embarking on a plan to get Summer into Second Life for "office hours" of some sort. But what in the world would she talk about?

Don't forget, NaNoWriMo is coming up very soon!

Listener review: Tim Low gives us a review of Hooked: A Thriller About Love and Other Addictions by Matt Richtel, a thriller that's a first novel for Matt Richtel, and has sufficiently impressed Tim.

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  1. A tip for backing up your WIP... a good way to 'back-up your back-up' is to email your story to yourself, every time you finish a major chapter/milestone - especially if you have a web based email address. NoNaWriMo-ers take note (and good luck)!