Cover to Cover #335A: Feedback Blowout!

Avatar Last AirbenderVoicemail: Tim Low relays some suggestions for YA books that aren't "dumbed down", and Darcy recommends The Secret Life of Bees, the Ember series, and a new series by R. A. Salvatore; Shane in Sydney lets us know that Aussie chain Angus & Robertson now has a POD machine located in the stores, for people to get reasonably priced copies of out-of-print novels; Mari from Michigan sends her thanks for C2C leading her to investigate e-books, which has led to a research paper topic for her; Trampas adds to the discussion about "dumbed down" YA books with a comment on the later removal of sex scenes; Trampas reflects on "getting unplugged", and suggests that writing itself is his way of unplugging.

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!

More Voicemail: Sandy from MD tells us what books and movies inspire her 14-yr-old; Tim Low enjoys hanging out in Second Life and likes to surprise everyone by not knowing what his wife and daughter are going to dress his avatar up in; Trampas asks if the guys can talk more about writing in different subgenres; Jason recommends avoiding Baby Einstein and seeking out "Dora the Explorer" for younger kids, and "Avatar: The Last Airbender" for older kids and adults; Tim Low has a suggestion for all the new writers listening to C2C: do a lot of research before you start writing for kids, because many of the issues are still the same; Anna lets Mike Stackpole know how to let Amazon know that they've got incorrect data on the books he's has written, so Delicious Library will be correct; Jason from AK also loves Delicious Library and tells us how to connect it to Address Book to track loaned items; Gary in Atlanta gives us as a free option for those who can't use Delicious Library; Trampas gives us 2 books that fall into the "fail" category of technical execution; Halley enjoyed the Joe Abercrombie interview, and comments on the special "Paperback Dreams" on PBS, and the loss of all the locally owned bookstores in his area of Philadelphia.

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  1. Bill Siravo says

    I do not have the minimum requirements for second life. I have cable internet. I do not think I have the right game card. is this something I have to buy or is it a driver download? thanks

  2. The app might not like the video card you have in your computer. Second Life is free to use, but you need "lindens" inside the virtual world to get stuff, same way you'd need money and the like inside EverQuest, et al.

    Maybe see if there's a driver or firmware update for your video card that you can download? Normally those are free from the manufacturer of the card. I think there's a list of minimum system requirements on the site, somewhere. Worst case scenario, you'd have to get a newer video card.

  3. My four year old has learned an amazing amount from WordWorld

  4. Angus&Robertson call their POD system Storymaker. Their website has a little more detail here...