Cover to Cover #345A: Entertainment Options

Discussion: Moderately random chatter: the shift in the economy has led to a few surprising trends: talk about the possibility of Borders being delisted from the NYSE, and about how Amazon is exceeding expectations. People seem to be willing to be patient to get their products from Amazon and Netflix, rather than the need for instant gratification at the brick-and-mortar stores.

Mike M also talks a new option for Apple TV users... Boxee is an application currently in alpha that can be used as an alternative way to obtain free content off the Internet, instead of having your Apple TV be tied down to items via iTunes store.

Mike S talks about enjoying watching "Burn Notice", mostly to observe how characters were introduced, and how the story lines were split per episode (the balance between episode plot and longer arc character building).

Voicemail: Trampas is stunned by the actions of J. F. Lewis' church, and lets loose; Trampas decides to buy copies of Staked to support Jeremy; Anna found the discussion about religion and mind viruses intriguing, but she has some concerns about the tendency to bash different thinkers; Trampas wonders if people will eventually start buying multimedia subscription packages rather than just novels; Tim Low is also flabbergasted by J. F. Lewis' situation.

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Link: Boxee: the open, connected social media center for mac os x and linux
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  1. Burn Notice is a very cool show. I can see in the future where artist will apply different disciplines to the same product, and there will be hubs where people can get the complete package text, animation, music. Or if they are into one particular aspect they can go directly to that artist and get their version on a theme/product.

  2. If you're interested in viewing video from the internet on your TV, check out TVersity. You can stream from your computer to pretty much any gaming console (I personally use Xbox 360). This is how I watched Charlie Jade... didn't have the patience to see if Scifi would get around to airing all the episodes. 🙂