Cover to Cover #356A: More Listener Feedback

Voicemail: Zorknot in Nashville comments on the iPhone Kindle App and the Kindle 2; Sir Nerdco adds his opinions to audio portion of the Kindle 2 discussion; Sir Nerdco lets Stackpole know that the Fortress Draconis podcast led to his purchase of 2 sets of the Dragoncrown War Cycle.

More voicemail: Patrick from N Phoenix is curious what opinions might be on the Author's Guild's opposition to the Kindle 2's text-to-speech feature; Arkle weighs in on ancillary materials for books, sliding over into extra merchandising options; Shane from Sydney comments on ancillary materials for erotica; Garrett from NC comments on charging for books by the chapter; Trampas is taking a class on science fiction writing, and relates a writing exercise from his class; Tim Low has an update on all the fun stuff happening in Second Life; Mark from KY lets us know that a color ebook readers is now out there, but it's only available in Japan for now;

Shane from NJ comments on the $1 ebooks from Orbit, and seems to be addicted to buying just about anything if it costs $1; Tim Low reports on Darcy's first anime convention experience, and tells us about an application in development to bring manga to the iPhone and iPod Touch; Shane from NJ relates how all of his news comes from our websites; Marvel Comics' use of free digital comics as ancillary material that's available; Tim again, with a report from NPR about the creation of a Twitter novel.

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  1. Your discussion of text-to-speech reminded me of the first time I installed this software at home on both of our home computers. My husband and I were overcome with laughter as we had our computers read to each other. Our speculations on exactly what types of reading material would cause a laptop to appear in 9 months were pretty hilarious. What a couple of geeks!