Cover to Cover #358B: More People, More Reading

Voicemail: Yeti Stomper asks how can publishers could provide incentives for people to give ebooks a try; Lejon adds his thoughts on the need to put reference materials on ebook readers and to be able to access them while reading another book; Mari from Michigan enjoyed the JC Hutchins interview, and comments on seeing some of her friends get more into reading.

Listener Review: Jordan from Baltimore brings us a review of Snake Agent, one of the Detective Inspector Chen novels by Liz Williams. The edition he read is an ebook version available as both a standalone and as part of a Detective Chen bundle over at

The Library: This week, the new books are: A Forthcoming Wizard by Jody Lynn Nye; Flood by Stephen Baxter; Terra Insecura by Edward Willett; Other Earths edited by Nick Geavers and Jay Lake; Chicken with Plums with Marjane Satrapi; Dreamdark: Blackbringer, the paperback edition of the first book in the Dreamdark series by Laini Taylor

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