Cover to Cover #360A: Devices, Gadgets and Words

Discussion: Brian Brown finds his way back to the Dragon Page set, and there was much joy!

Amazon announced the release of the Kindle DX, and it's similarity to the Plastic Logic device and addition of features suggested by the hosts and listeners of "Cover to Cover" over the past few months; the rumors of Apple bringing out a 10" tablet version of the iPod Touch abound, and many people here are excited about the prospect of that device.

There's a larger number of apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch for reading books and newspapers than there were around Christmastime, and the trend is only increasing. If you're an author with out of print stories, have you considered making it available on Amazon in Kindle format yet?

Discussion, continued: More on features and functionalities for e-books and the reading devices they're used on (Plastic Logic, Kindle DX, and more).

Ideas abound for exploring electronic publishing, and learning from the growing pains experienced by the newspaper industry, and the question about why it's taking book publishers so long to adapt and shift to keep from losing too many opportunities for taking full advantage of the technology wave continues to confound our hosts.

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  1. Wasn't there a show 359B on the site earlier last week? Unless I"m confused (which is entirely possible) I started listening to it, got interrupted, and when I checked back a couple of days later, it was gone. Please tell me I'm not crazy.