Cover to Cover #361B: Listener Feedback

Listener Feedback: Rory of Borg recommends Robert Asprin's Dragon's Luck; Mari from Michigan seeks info on timeline discrepancies in a long series; Sir Nerdco gives a good example on how hard it is to jump into a long-running series when they aren't labeled properly; Tim seeks opinions on how is performing as a company; Rory of Borg comments on the reader of the Honor Harrington audiobook series, and wonders how bad readers keep getting audio work; Alex wonders if there's a literary version on "previously on..." to summarize previous books in the series; Zorknot calls seeking guidance for writing a short story in the present tense; Trampas comments on "reimagining" classics with new story elements.

Listener Review: Web Genii brings us a review of Snake Agent by Liz Williams.

The Library: New entries: Tigerheart by Peter David (trade pb); Living with Ghosts by Kari Sperring; World's End by Mark Chadbourn; Walking Dead by Greg Rucka; Cemetary Dance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child; Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie.

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