Cover to Cover #366A: On Demand Publishing and More

Discussion: Phil in Texas refers to an article that on-demand books outperformed traditionally published books in 2008, and wonders if the guys have checked out Smashwords more in-depth. This leads to a discussion about print on demand and distribution options.

Discusion: Michael and Michael talk about how to know when your work is truly polished enough to go to print and be released to the consuming public. Mike M talks about his first experience, and admits that he did everything wrong the first time around; Mike S reminds folks to exercise due diligence and do your research into the people and firms offering to help you "get your book in stores". Remember, reputable agents will always fully disclose their clients and sales. Reputable editors and publishers will not ask you for money up front to get your book published.

Mike S relays the results from a survey of authors websites. The top 3 things that bring traffic and return visitors to author websites are: personal or inside info; games and contests; and freebie bonus or sample content.

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