Cover to Cover #368A: Writing Verbally

Discussion: Continuing from last week's interview with David Weber, Michael and Michael chat about using voice systems to write books, and the differences and challenges presented by using spoken word to write traditionally expository prose.

Can changing to writing using dictation help a writer design a better story? Will the challenges of relearning how to create a story have any other benefits? If you think this is something you could or would like to incorporate into your writing toolbox, call in!

Listener Review: Tim Low brings us a review of The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie (House, Black Adder). It was published in 1998, but there might be a sequel scheduled to come out in September 2009, The Paper Soldier.

Discussion: Are some of the new technologies for ebooks and electronic reading really starting to gain traction, or are they merely still just shiny and new? Kindles, Sony Readers, iTunes Apps, and more to come...

What about the technology of communication and how it's changed the human experience over the past several hundred years? Historical methods of communication compared to current methods, and the speculative methods used in fantasy and in science fiction, and space opera... is communication done too fast for realistic story telling these days?

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!

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  1. Great show this week, guys!

    I want to find that game Mike Stackpole talked about now.