"7th Son: Descent", Part 2

Welcome to the second serialized installment of J.C. Hutchins' SF thriller novel 7th Son: Descent. To celebrate the Oct. 27 release of the book, J.C. is releasing Descent in several free serialized formats: PDF, blog text, and audio. "Cover to Cover" is distributing the PDF version of the novel in ten weekly installments.

In the last serialized episode, U.S. president Hank "Gator" Griffin was assassinated by a four-year-old boy during a stumping rally in Kentucky. The child died not long after, offering no clues for his murderous motives.

Two weeks later, seven strangers were ripped from their normal lives on the same day, kidnapped by mysterious government agents, and brought to a "beyond Top Secret" facility. Locked in the same room, these seven men realized that, despite slight variations in their appearance, they all appeared to be the same man. Are they brothers? Each remembers being an only child.

The men, however, have very different personalities and skills:

  • John, a blue-collar DIY type, and musician
  • Michael, a determined USMC captain
  • Jay, a timid field agent for the United Nations
  • Father Thomas, a Catholic priest
  • Dr. Mike, a smug criminal profiler
  • Kilroy2.0, a demented, messianic computer hacker

Check out the second serialized installment of 7th Son here.

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