Cover to Cover #379B: B-Show Bonanza

Voicemail: Arkle has trouble believing that some fanfic writers would accuse published writers of "stealing" their ideas; Mari from Michigan wonders how much writing style can affect a reader's potential enjoyment of a book; Alison from LA wonders why more publishers aren't following Harlequin's e-book model for publishing;

Mike from Ottawa wonders if he might be able to use the speech-to-text methods for transcribing his voice recorder notes; Jason from CO asks about the increase of quality Internet-based television serials; Rory of Borg comments on published authors reading works from fans.

The Library: This week: Imager's Challenge by L.E. Modesitt Jr; The Dragon Book edited by by Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois; The Silver Mage by Katherine Kerr; The Trouble With Heroes edited by Denise Little; Superheroes and Beyond by Christopher Hart; Star Wars 501st: An Imperial Commando Novel by Karen Traviss; Boilerplate: History's Mechanical Marvel by Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett; Sasha by Joel Shepherd; Double Dog #5: House of Doors / Jaguar Moon by Julia S. Mandala / Linda L. Donahue; Bride of Tranquility by Tracy S. Morris

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  1. Ok, I give up. How *do* I find this elusive video podcast? Is there a subscription I need to get? Where is it? Do tell.

  2. Please, where's the video feed?

  3. Posted 10:03am

    Hey, you guys said you were going to dress up for the video feed but this is ridiculous! Dresses?

    Come on guys.

    Skirts do not become you Stackpole. I suggest you immediately remove the video before anyone else sees it.

    Update Posted 1pm

    Thanks for taking the video down guys.

    Update Posted 4:56pm
    Just kidding. I never saw a video.

  4. Hey just because Jenny and Darcy put me in a dress in Second Life, don't think you guys can get away with it. After all, I have the legs to pull it off.


  5. I think my original point kind of got glossed over in the show there. 🙁

  6. Welcome to the club, Arkle!