Cover to Cover #385A: Michael Zapp

Discussion: Anna asks the question about how important writing is in the life of the average busy person these days, and just because your priorities may shift away from focusing on writing doesn't mean that you're not just as happy doing something else.

Interview: Michael Mennenga and Michael Stackpole chat with Michael Zapp about the development and evolution of his iPhone/iPod Touch book reading app "Legends". They also speculate on the impact the rumored Apple Tablet might have as an ebook reader and possibly as the next fundamental shift in computing devices.

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  1. I think having authours read chapters would be a great idea, some extra entertainment for us and some advertising for them.

  2. Got something I would love to hear you guys discuss. You regularly talk about the impending (occurring?) breakup of the expensive New York City publishing 'establishment'. And I agree with you. But then I listen to Planet Money (an amazing NPR podcast that brings big finance down to a level I can understand) and they talk about Business Clusters ( I would love to hear you talk about this - publishing clusters. After listening to the Planet Money podcast, I can envision several benefits of clustering publishing business operations (staff availability & customer contact are the two biggest). But I still see pressure that could (will?) split this cluster up.

    Thoughts? Look forward to hearing you get back behind the mic after a well deserved rest. Happy holidays.

  3. We would love to see you interview a few of the up and coming writers from the Second Life group, see what they are up to, how the writing is going and what they look for in seeking out books to read. Also, would like you all to talk to the good folks over at Decoder Ring Theatre sometime. Although it is a old time radioshow podacast. All the material is written and fresh, they are also putting out novels as well. They have been a round for a while and would like to hear where they get the ideas and how they keep everything fresh for so long. Just a thought......


    Hey if you played all of Arkle's voicemail, I figure you are open to anything. Just kidding Arkle. lol.