Cover to Cover #391A: E-Readers and Copyrights

Show Notes: The Laryngitis Make-Up Show

Mike Stackpole bought himself a Sony e-reader for Christmas, and while traveling for the holidays, people didn't ask him what that gadget was, but which one he'd purchased and why. How cool is that?

Discussion: Todd from Utah comments on copyrights and intellectual property, surmising that the stories should belong to the creator forever, but the ideas, story settings and created worlds shouldn't belong to the creator. Both Mikes disagree that those elements can successfully be separated from story, and Stackpole explains the difference between "work for hire" done in a universe created by someone else and "fanfic".

The Library: New books for the New Year! King of RPGs by Jason Thompson; The Spirit Lens by Carol Berg; Starbound by Joe Haldeman; Through Stone and Sea by Barb and JC Hendee; Arms-Commander by L. E. Modesitt, Jr; Sleeplessness by Charlie Huston

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