Cover to Cover #392B: Questions from the Listeners

Voicemail: DanDan in Spokane relates how stock prices went down in anticipation of the announcement of Apple's new tablet device (Jan 27); Alison from LA wants to know what Mike and Mike think about the Harlequin foray into a vanity press line, and the resulting outrage raised by various professional writers groups.

Remember, money flows to the writer.

Voicemail: Mauri from Michigan wants to know if there's a difference between a rewrite and an edit; Stephanie from Oahu enjoys Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" book series and "Legend of the Seeker", the TV series based on the books, but she wants to know how much control or say an author does or doesn't have over an adaptation of their work; Dave tells the guys how much he enjoys the Dragon Page, and exhorts the other listeners to donate to the show; Jim from Indianapolis thinks that Mike and Mike were lying when stating that Google is violating copyrights by scanning and putting books and excerpts out there (but they kinda are... public domain books are okay, copyrighted works are not);

Trampas is also excited about that new Stephen Baxter/Arthur C. Clarke book, The Light of Other Days; Lejon from Chandler surmises that the success of the iPod Touch is because of the wide array of apps available for it, and the ease of obtaining them; Vincent from CA is looking for resources that will help him set up his PC to connect with Second Life and website for his future works; Mauri from Michigan weighs in on the Cory Docotorow project.

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  1. Michael commented that everyone giving $1 would make a big difference, but I can't figure out how to give anything other than the set amounts on the donate button. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Simple Dave,
    Go to the top of the page here and click one time donation. Then type in the amount you wish to donate. It will take whatever amount you choose. That is how I have been doing it all these years.


  3. Sorry,
    It gives you that option on the Slice of Sci Fi page. Just go over there. It all goes to the same place.