Cover to Cover #395B: Weighing in on the iPad

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Listener Review: Quill in Four Corners brings us a review of the Castle tie-in novel, "Heat Wave", the first in the "Nikki Heat" series, based on the characters created by the novelist in the TV series.

iPad Feedback: Offering a suggestion, Daryl in Chicago posits that Stackpole might be better off waiting for the second generation iPad before diving in; Sandy in Maryland weighs in on the current crop of ebook readers, and wants to know why Stackpole bought the Sony E-Reader; Kevin in Phoenix suggests that Stackpole should get the iPad, and wonders if content can be transferred between the iTouch and the iPad;

Redshirt from Iowa weighs in on the iPad debate; Anna lists her reasons why she won't be buying an iPad for herself; Logan from FL thinks the system is a little too closed for him to consider getting an iPad, and prefers e-ink over LCD.

Do you have any input on the new Apple iPad? Let your views be heard!

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!

What do you think about submitting writing related questions to "Cover to Cover"? What do you think about having authors read chapters as part of the show? Call in or email in with your thoughts!

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  1. How about refocusing the podcast back to being about books and other written stories; reading and writing, and drastically cut down on the technology guff.

    I've been through LP, cassette, CD, music download format wars, the beta-max, V2000, VHS, Super VHS, DVD, HD-DVD, BLU-RAY - the video wars. It's the music and films that matter.

    The format wars are a consumer frustration. Don't fuel that fire.

    The odd discussion is interesting and informative. Now it's getting boring.