Cover to Cover #400A: 400 Episodes and Counting...

Show 400. That's a lot of books!

Voicemail: John from Bulgaria praises Daniel Suarez' Daemon, and asks about the state of the short story market; Sandra currently uses the RCA 1150e reader, and is now looking for a new ebook reader, and wants suggestions; Podcast Mike weighs in on the iPad discussion; Darcy's Dad comments on kids and reading; Ben in Tampa updates his e-reader device of choice from the Nintendo DS to the Stanza app on the iPod Touch; Kurt in St George recommends that Stackpole dive into the iPad and take one for the Dragon Page team; Roy from NJ is a newly returning writer and is seeking suggestions on where to start getting back on the horse;

Alison in LA also weighs in on the iPad; Dan in Spokane is a new writer and wonders if going full press on giving away his first novel (audio, electronic) is the way to go; Darryl from Chicago is also a beginning writer, and wants to know if he should shop it around to agents and publishers first or jump straight into the self-promotional route; Trampas seeks opinions on whether or not to support an author who denigrates fan-created work; ... wonders if active tracking devices will soon be implanted into kids

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