Cover to Cover #400B: Voicemail Extravaganza

Voicemail: Rory of Borg says that he has a cochlear implant, but doubts that anyone has the legal right to "repossess" the implant (and if they do, he'd like a heads-up); Stephanie from Oahu weighs in on advanced prosthetics and implants having already caught up to science fiction; Trampas tells us how much the "Legend of the Seeker" TV series has influenced him to go get and read the Goodkind books; Dave wonders what could possibly be done to get an abandoned property declared to be in the public domain where other writers would then be able to work in those universes;

Arkle comments on using temporal devices to observe historical events; Rory of Borg did some research on the Espresso book machine, and found some information out about their hidden fees and other proprietary stumbling blocks; Anna comments on the idea of copyrights of the worlds and characters being able to fall into the public domain; Dan Dan wonders if books will become more interactive with the increase of electronic devices with audio and video capabilities that people are using to read ebooks; ADD Todd weighs in on torrents for books, and recommends Chatzilla if torrents aren't being found; Trampas recommends the Weis & Hickman Dragon Ships books as a fun read for fans of dragons and vikings.

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  1. I'm sad that Mennenga missed my Red Dwarf reference.

  2. When I read the following NY Times article this morning I thought of you guys. I'd be interested in hearing your take on the lack of book jackets/covers in a digital book reader era.