Remembering Frank Frazetta

Pioneering fantasy artist Frank Frazetta passed away Monday at the age of 82, reports the Associated Press.

Frazetta had been out to dinner with his daughters Sunday but suffered a stroke at his Boca Grande home later that night and was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital, manager Rob Pistella said. A hospital spokeswoman confirmed the death, as did his daughter Heidi Frazetta Grabin.

"He's going to be remembered as the most renowned fantasy illustrator of the 20th Century," Pistella said.

Frazetta created covers and illustrations for more than 150 books and comic books, along with album covers, movie posters and original paintings. His illustrations of Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan, Vampirella and other characters influenced many later artists.

His children have fought over an estate estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars, filing lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Florida.

His son, Alfonso Frank Frazetta, 52, was charged in December with using a backhoe to break into the artist's museum in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains and trying to remove 90 paintings insured for $20 million. The charges were dropped late last month after two days of mediation produced a truce.

"It is resolved, but there's always new issues that can come out," daughter Heidi Frazetta Grabin said.

Frazetta had a history of strokes, but appeared well and was still painting, she and Pistella said.

Grabin and her sister, Holly Frazetta Taylor, dined out with their father Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day, then walked with him on Englewood Beach.

"We had a lovely time, and he just talked about how beautiful the sunset was, and how his next studio was going to have windows around it overlooking the Gulf," Grabin said.

Alfonso Frank Frazetta did not return a message Monday.

A lawsuit he had filed in Florida alleged that his sisters and brother Billy were plotting to wrest control of the family business and fortune from him after their mother died in July 2009.

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  1. the lows says

    Very sad news. His drawings were what got me into drawing and painting. His art always brought life to the Conan and Howard novels.

    Also sad to learn about the greed of his sisters and brother. it seems like you hear that a lot with successful people, always someone out there has no respect for the talent and hard work, but is only concerned with what is in it for themselves.

    He is only my list of people to look for once this life is over and I move on. Thank you Mr Frazetta for bringing the stories to life. And spurring my imagination.


  2. Bless you Frank all the Conans...was always thrilled with Mr. Frazetta's art acumen....always felt the best from him.... he will always be an inspiration to my creations.....Raymond D. Hunter, Sculptor

  3. Richard Adamski says

    MR. Frazetta, your work has inspired me in such , that I had walked, dreamed, wished to be one in your mind. May sound creepy but your adventurous visions have ruled the FantasyWorld! Love You Sorry Your No Longer With Us! DELAYED POSTING FROM 1980! SORRY!

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