Cover to Cover #408B: Getting Social with Your Books

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Mike and Mike talk about Google joining the ranks of ebook sellers, and what that could mean for the potential expansion of ebooks and ereaders. They also touch on the untapped potential of current web technologies and social networking that publishers (and other businesses) aren't yet taking advantage of to promote their books and authors.

Listener Review: Michell Plested from the Get Published Podcast brings us a review of Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead from Edge Publishing

The Library: The Bradbury Report by Steven Polanski; The Devil in Green by Mark Chadbourn; How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu; Occultation and Other Stories by Laird Barron; The Legions of Fire by David Drake; He Walked Among Us by Norman Spinrad

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  1. Author readings? Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please!!!!!!!

  2. Also, I have a request for The Library segment. I'd really appreciate it if, once you've read the description of a book, you could repeat the author's name and title. Quite often, I find that something in a description pushes the "Must Read This!" button in my brain, but I have no idea who the author is, or what the title is, and have to go through the frustrating process of rewinding and fast forwarding on my iPod just to find out. I can sort of solve this by counting off a number for each book, and then cross referencing with the description (ie, I want books 1, 4 and 7), but then I run into the problem of the list in the show notes being different than the order in the podcast. I know it's been off a couple of times (ie, I'm expecting to include a Star Wars book, but when I parse things out, it's not included). Repeating the author's name, and the book's title would let me memorize things a bit better.

    Oh, and sorry for rambling.

    • The books mentioned in the Library segments are exactly what they're reading in the order they're reading them, because I type it in as they're saying them! When did I miss any?

      I know I've been lax in actually adding the titles to The Library, but I'm working on that, too.

  3. Right in the last B show, actually (Dragon Page #406B) 🙂 Book #9 in the library was “The Healers by Tomas Harrik (SP)”, but it’s not listed in the show notes. It’s definitely not something that happens every week, but I do notice it from time to time… Sorry!

  4. The premise of The Bradbury Report sounds an awful lot like The Experiment by John Darnton.