Cover to Cover #410B: Voicemails from the Gallery

Voicemail: Trampas thanks the guys for educating him about ebooks which allowed him in turn to help a potential client; Daryl from Chicago asks for guidance on chapter lengths and chapter costs for an online venture, and whether or not a POD final product would be a good path to take; Scooter in CT reports that Barnes & Noble's Nook reader can now do web browsing; Will weighs in with his perspective on not being able to share ebooks the same way regular books are shared; Will also wants to hear more from Lorrie on the show; Will reports on how well the Aldiko ereader works on his Droid phone;

Listener Review: Michell Plested brings us a review of A Warrior's Tale (Imago, Book 3) by L. T. Suzuki.

More Voicemail: Tim recommends that more people should come by and check out what's going on in Second Life; Pete in Burbank weighs in on the impact of the spinner rack for YA readers; a request for some insight on the contractual battles between Amazon and Penguin Books over Kindle pricing; Trampas adds his recommendation for On Writing by Stephen King as a writing guide; Rory of Borg wants to be able to highlight passages in any textbooks that he might buy in e-format on the iPad

Feedback Wanted: What do you think about submitting writing related questions to "Cover to Cover"? What do you think about having authors read chapters as part of the show? Call in or email in with your thoughts!

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!

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